Online Presence in Personal Learning Environments

OP4L: Online Presence Enabled Personal Learning Environments establish global online presence of a student along the different tools used as PLE. This can further increase students’ awareness of each other and positively affect their willingness to collaborate.

The problem tackled is to unify different semantic representation of Online Presence.

A scenario depicts recommandation of a peer, available online (on any tool), willing to help, and having the background to help on a specific topic.

The OP4L Solution is base on a component DEPTHS (Design Patterns Teaching Help System) that relies on a common ontological foundation ti intergrate several existeing eductional tools ans systems : LMS, Domain Modeling tool, online repositories of learning ressources.

The ontological stack is the following :

  • LOCO(Learning Object Context Ontologies)
    • Learning Context Ontology
    • User Model ontology, inlcuding:
      • competencies
      • learner’s performance
      • user’s preferences
    • Learning Object Content structure ontology
    • Quiz ontology
    • Domain Ontology (Vocabularies are modeled using SKOS)
    • a Learning Design ontology as a formal representation of the basic building blocks of an instructional design
  • OPO is used for representing online presence

A server called OPOS gather presence from various services, and translaite it in a data repository (as RDF triples). Those data are filtered by a recommander Peers Module in order to put people in contact.

Tools supported are currently mixed between specific learning tools (Moodle and ArgoUML) and external social services: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquaie and instant messaging client Spark.

The OP4L project propose plenty of resources

A propos Jean-Marie Gilliot

Enseignant Chercheur à IMT Atlantique (fusion de Telecom Bretagne et Mines Nantes) Informatique, enseignement par projets, EIAH, transformation de l'éducation
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